With life moving so fast these days, who has the time to clean their own home. Tonya and I own a cleaning business and we found it hard to find the time to clean our home. I did some thinking and figured out that the solution to our problem was just too create daily cleaning habits. Below is a list of daily cleaning habits to incorporate by location. 


  • After taking a shower, squeegee the shower door off to keep clean.
  • Squeegee the mirror once per week
  • Wipe down the counter quickly each morning after your shower
  •  scrub the walls for 5 minutes per day
  • Keep a toothbrush just for cleaning around the faucet


  • Wipe down the kitchen cabinets for 5 minutes 2 times per week
  • Clean the dishes as you cook
  • Put away the clean dishes while you cook
  • Wipe counter and under appliances, twice per week


  • Dust mop wood floors once per week
  • Steam mop it. It's easy. Do one per day
  • Vacuum one room per day

We hope this makes your life a little easier.


Drew and Tonya

Creating habits to a cleaner home