How much does it cost to clean my home?

It all depends on what you want done and how frequently you want it done. We do such a detailed job that most of our clients find that every two weeks works well for them. Since every home is different Maid Perfect will give you a in-home estimate on how much it would cost for you. 

Do I have to supply the cleaning solutions?

Maid Perfect uses all their own cleaning solutions and supplies so you don't have to.

Are Maid Perfects cleaning professionals background checked?

YES. Everyone of Maid Perfects employees have to pass a background check to even be considered.

What if something breaks?

We train all of our staff to be aware of certain situations in which something could break but if it happens we are fully insured.

What should I do with my pets when you are cleaning?

We love pets! If you aren't going to be home we like to meet them first so they know who we are when we come to clean.

How many Maid Perfect employees will be cleaning my home?

We have found the a team of two people works best for most homes. 

Questions and Answers

What sets Maid Perfect apart from all the other cleaning companies out there?

Passion! We understand how busy life can get and we feel that we are helping people improve there lives by giving them some of the time back. If you do something passionately you will always find ways to improve. Experience is a lot more than just putting the time in. It's challenging yourself to do better every single day!

Do I need to be home when my home is being cleaned?

No. Take the time to do something else that you would like to do because that is what we are here for. We are giving you back the time to do other things.